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Born in Coffs Harbour in 1971, Dave Derrett was educated locally and moved to Sydney to further his love of drawing and the arts.

He has since moved back to his home town to nurture his love of nature and devote his time to his artistic creativity.

It was in his teenage years that Dave's interest in drawing with felt pens began to grow. Inspired by the Gothic works of Ian Miller, Dave started to develop a technique of cross-hatching, and over a few years practised shading with scratchy layers of ink lines over rough water colour paper. Now proficient in these techniques and intricate fine line detailing, Dave concentrates on small sections of his works for many hours exacting the finer points to his very high standards.

Dave Derrett's art varies in theme from the mechanically rustic to the comically sublime. Dave enjoys incorporating a hint of comedy to many works by way of hidden characters and ironic symbolisms. These glimpses of humour have proven popular to many who have acquired his works.

Intrigue is the key to most of Dave's works. He finds that the idea of not being able to quite work out what is in front of a viewer often causes them to look more closely at an image. Rather than create an image of something happening, Dave has always preferred to create a scene before or after an event has taken place. In this way, the viewer takes part in the creative process. Like being given the beginning or the end of a sentence one can't help but finish the absent half.

Dave is available for illustration commissions. Contact Dave